Speech Pathology Australia


These likable illustrated characters for the Speech Pathology Week campaign theme 'Talk To Me' are designed to connect with people, of different age, gender, background, and abilities.

The characters have various live applications across print, outdoor, promotional products, online, and animated.

The characters are designed to call out to the general public and entice them to 'Talk To Me' – hellooooooo?

Viacom Social MediaOriginal social media creative for to the worlds premier entertainment brands.

Prime Minister's Literary AwardsAnnual celebrate the contribution to Australian literature from a selection of shortlisted and winning books.

Drawcard MediaOffers brands a creatively driven media formats that interacts with consumers in their everyday environment.

Fan Club PodcastBrands are delving into podcasting at an exponential rate to connect with fans in new and creative ways.

Viacom Editorial ArtworkSpotlighting the personalities, trends, and innovations that drive the future of entertainment.

Speech Pathology AustraliaLikable illustrated characters created for the Speech Pathology Week campaign based on the theme 'Talk To Me.'

Sołek ArchitectureCustom design identity that draws inspiration from Eastern European constructivism typography.

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